Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The !ncredible pain of giving birth

The digital sticks on my clock says it is 23:04. My dinner is getting ready in the small kitchen of my hotel room. 

The water just broke few minutes back....

I kept the phone down after a long chat with one of my close friends. We talked about my apartment hunting, German tax system, terrorism in India (post the 26/11 Mumbai attacks), the education system in India (can be compared to terrorism to some extend) and many other topics. And then.... in between these, he infected me with this idea of starting a blog. No, he didn't tell me to start a blog.

I knew the word blog from the time it started. I always wanted to have a blog of my own. But never had the courage to start one. What do I write, who will read it. Just today I realised that a blog could have a different meaning. I needn't write it to educate someone, I needn't write it for someone to really read it. I will write to for myself. I will write it for myself to read and reflect.

My friend, who I was talking to, made this point that I should capture these new moments in my life. The new phase that I chose. The new deal I opened with Germany by relocating to Merkel's land. Yes, this was the moment I was waiting for. An eDiary. And I have now enough reasons to buy one, with all the new experiences I am going through.

And finally the water broke... after many years of pregnancy.

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