Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's only a flat tyre after all

I was at Karlsruhe Zoo during Easter weekend with my family. 

What amazed my 3 year old son the most was not the monkeys at the zoo, but the bus undergoing repair in front of the zoo.

It blew me away too, to see a pick-up truck and a van at the spot, engaged in replacing a tyre and 20+ onlookers (all watching just the tyre being replaced with at most curiosity).

Seems like German tyres are really tough! They rarely let the rim touch the ground.

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Kunjootty said...

hehe just shows his inborn interest towards all things mechanical... do we have a mechanical engineer in the making??
manjuchechi once told me what fascinates him most was the ernakulam trains// :->

and btw, dishoom... to the both of you for keeping 2 blogs hidden from me :-P