Saturday, May 9, 2009

I am Ujian

That's the name of the album to be released in Germany by a new 14 year old pop singer Ujian (pronounced Uyan). When it hits the stands in June 2009, it might give Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears a run for their money. The talented singer hails from Switzerland and currently lives in Heilderberg, Germany.

“If there are any profits it will all stay with the zoo to refurbish the ape enclosure", said producer Christian Wolf. 

If you are wondering why the money is going to the Zoo, well, it's because that's where Ujian lives. Ujian is a orangutan at Heidelberg Zoo who learned to whistle last summer.  According to the zoo, Ujian started whistling after a vegetable delivery man was late coming to his cage. Ujian let out a disgruntled whistle in an attempt to get him to hurry up. From simple notes, Ujian soon graduated to melodic phrases. A local musician was impressed with his talent and decided to make a musical album having Ujain's whistle in the background. 

Ujian's talent doesn't end there. He along with his female live-in partners has painted and produced a number of abstract art works. The zoo recently held an auction of their paintings.

Even though Ujian might not be the first orangutan in the world to whistle, he can be glad that he is the first pop singer to produce a "Wind of Change" after Scorpions.

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Kunjootty said...

now thats a funny bit of news!!
:-) britney and christina gear up fast or they'll be outdone by orangutans for the next MTV video awards!! :-P
hope i can get to buy the album when its out!